Take Advantage of Adobe Sign for Collecting Digital Signatures

Whether you’re just now jumping on the digital signature wagon or you’re looking to consolidate your subscriptions, Adobe Sign may be the answer. Adobe Sign is included with all Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscriptions, saving you money and reducing the number of products you need to get the job done. Learn more tips like this in Affinity Consulting Group’s “Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals.” What Adobe Sign Does Adobe Sign lets you digitally sign documents and collect digital signatures from others — most often your clients. You can track whether documents are signed and send reminders to people who haven’t yet signed them. Documents can be signed from any device with an internet connection. Depending on your license type, you can have up to 25 signers, 100 pages and 10 MB per transaction. Most licenses include 150 transactions per year. Business and enterprise-license customers can purchase more transactions per year. Read more about the transaction limits here. Requesting Digital Signatures You can request signatures either from the Acrobat desktop interface or https://documentcloud.adobe.com. Either way, once you get into the Adobe Sign interface, they both work the same way. From the desktop interface: Open the PDF to be digitally signed.Open the Fill & Sign tool. You can open it from the Tools window, or you can open it from the File or E-Sign menus by clicking on Request Signatures. If you open Fill & Sign from the Tools window, you’ll need to click on Request Signatures in the tool. From the web interface: Under Sign, click on Request Digital Signatures. Once the Adobe Sign dialog is open: Enter the email addresses of everyone who will digitally sign the document. Everyone added here will receive an email with a link to digitally sign the document.Check the subject line. The email’s subject line

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