So, You Wanna Write a Book? Five Tips to Help You Get Started

These book writing tips from an editor will help you get clear on your goals and strategy for being a published author. Writing a book can be time-consuming, but it also can be rewarding — both personally and financially. Books are a great marketing tool and can have a great return on investment. They tend to open new avenues, primarily by attracting new clientele. A long-time client author has seen a return on his investment every year by more than 300% from having attracted clientele willing to invest long-term in his firm’s services. Other authors have written books to start side hustles or share decades of wisdom in a memoir. Whatever your reason, here are book writing tips for getting started on penning that tome. Five Book Writing Tips 1. Know what message you want to convey and to whom Most authors make the mistake of writing to suit everyone. The truth is when you are writing for everyone, you are writing for no one. Being too inclusive in your writing can dilute your message. When you have a specific audience in mind, you can tailor your content to that audience. For example, you may write a book with a primary audience of pre-law students, law students and new lawyers. The key is to know who your primary audience is and to focus your efforts on attracting them to your book. But writing to satisfy a specific audience doesn’t mean you won’t attract others. Another or secondary audience might find the book helpful, such as readers with an interest in politics, history and law. Ask yourself these questions: Who are the people you are trying to help?What do you want your book to do for your reader?How should your reader feel after reading it — inspired, confident, renewed, empowered, enlightened?Should

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