You’re putting out great content but can’t get clicks. How frustrating! Here are three suggestions for online marketing teasers to get people to open that email or click on the social media link.

1. This/These

The title of this post could have been “Three Techniques to Tempt Targets,” but for some reason, we can’t resist the pull of “this” or “these.”

The viewer of “Every Employer Needs to Know This Law” is more likely to click through than if the title was “An Important Law for Employers.”

You will see this gimmick all over the sponsored posts on your social media platforms. It’s ubiquitous because it works.

2. Include a Number

“Try These Techniques to Tempt Targets” would have worked. But including a number is better.

A post that presents information in the form of a list is known as a listicle. The title makes a promise of a specific number of nuggets of information. The format fulfills that promise.

Teasing with a number works even if the number is one. My mediation blog includes posts on “The One Thing You Can Control in Negotiation” and “The One Thing to Do to Maximize Mediation Success.” You want the reader to think, if there’s only one answer to the implied question, it must be crucial; I better find out what it is.

3. Use Alliteration

Alliteration is the repetition of a sound at the beginning of successive or nearby words, as in “Techniques to Tempt Targets.” Alliteration makes a phrase catchy and memorable.

Alliteration is very common in product names, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Dunkin’ Donuts. The 20th Century Fox Film Studio executive who gave Norma Jeane Mortenson her first contract renamed her Marilyn Monroe. There’s a reason all the Kardashians’ names start with “K.”

Creative Content Marketing Methods

Your clients and prospects are inundated with communications, including from your competitors. Smart marketers use every tool to get their message through.

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