Modern Millionaires Review – Is This Course a Scam?

Modern Millionaires is a training program that can teach you how to create Google ads for business owners. It also covers other aspects of running a successful agency, such as converting leads and automating your processes. Chance and Abdul are well-known digital entrepreneurs. They’ve been featured on Forbes and are known for their lead generation strategies. They also have a private Facebook group and weekly workshops. Checkout The Modern Millionaires Review to learn more. Modern Millionaires is a course created by Chance Welton and Abdul Samad, two well-known digital entrepreneurs. They claim to have become rich through the lead generation strategies they teach in their academy. They also feature on Forbes and have an impressive social media following. However, their aggressive marketing tactics and high price points are suspicious. They may be using this course to get you to pay for their other programs. The course teaches you how to run paid ads for local businesses (acting as middlemen). They claim this will enable you to build a work-from-anywhere business and generate a passive income from it. They also offer coaching and weekly group calls. If you have the money to spend, they can also set up your agency for you. However, this is a costly option and can’t be recommended. While the program is a legitimate one, it’s not worth the price tag. Many people have complained about its excessive pricing and lack of value. The course also doesn’t provide enough information on the basics of running a business, such as sales and prospecting. If you’re serious about making money online, I would recommend you to buy another course, such as Kasim Aslam’s Paid Traffic Mastery. Whether you’re trying to quit your day job, build a work-from-home “digital nomad” lifestyle, or just make some extra cash, the Modern Millionaires

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