Stucco Repair – Homeowners Can Do It Theirself

If a homeowner notices that their stucco is damaged, they may need professional help at Stucco Repair Charleston SC. However, if the repair is simple enough such as fixing cracks or filling in holes, homeowners can do it themselves. Start by determining the cause of the damage. This will help determine what needs to be done. If your home has been constructed with stucco, the occasional crack may be inevitable. It’s important to have them repaired promptly so they do not worsen. It’s also important to prevent future cracking by repairing any structural damage, making sure that vegetation is kept away from the house and painting regularly. The most common type of crack is a hairline crack. These cracks are thin and usually harmless. They occur when plaster settles or due to construction work. These types of cracks can be fixed by applying a paintable sealant over them. This will allow the crack to expand and contract with temperature changes without further damage to your home. A larger crack should be addressed by a professional. These cracks can be more serious and could indicate structural issues with your home. They could be caused by foundational movement, a shift in the earth beneath your home or even seismic activity. The best way to determine the severity of a crack is to consult with a stucco professional. Depending on the severity of the crack, there are several ways to repair it. For smaller cracks, the best method is to apply a caulk to the area. The type of caulk should be chosen based on the texture of your stucco. For example, a sanded caulk would be better for rougher stucco textures than a smooth caulk. It’s important to ensure that the caulk blends in well with the surrounding stucco to avoid a

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